Our kids are constantly showing us how to be the hands and feet of Jesus. 

Little Ones

From an early age, our youngest kiddos are learning the Bible, because want them to know Christ.  They have bible-classes every Sunday, where they sing songs, learn stories, and have fun along the way.


Once they get a little older, our kids are reciting memory verses, and discovering the stories of Jesus in a new way.  As they grow and mature, we focus on teaching the power of Christ, and his ministry.

Full Throttle

In 4th - 6th grade, things "rev up" a bit.  Our Full Throttle ministry is one of our most active.  These kids have a thriving ministry that focuses on participating in service and leadership. 

Through their annual involvement in Leadership Training for Christ (LTC) our pre-teens are leading singing in worship, making christ-focused bulletin boards, acting in plays, performing puppet shows, and even giving bible lessons in front of the whole church!

Full Throttle is a blessing to our church, and they are an example of the light of Jesus in our community.

And of course,

we have fun along the way!!