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ministering TOGETHER


"21st Kids" is a ministry focused on teaching our youngest members what it means to enter into a faithful life in Christ. This is where our kids learn the stories of the Bible and the basics of our faith.

During the Summer, our kids participate in weekly activities aimed at strengthening their relationships with one another and teaching them the importance of fellowship in the church.

There is only one way to describe our pre-teen ministry: Full Throttle!! This group focuses on developing a framework for discipleship. They dig deeper into the scriptures and begin applying the stories of Jesus to their own lives.

And they LOVE to worship!


"PrimeTimers" is our ministry for those who are 50 years and older. Part empty-nesters, part golden-agers, this group meets for fun, service, and lots of food! Our PrimeTimers take seriously the call to lead our church in humility, and they focus their time on fellowship and service in the body. 

"New Life" is our youth group ministry at 21st. This group of 7th through 12th graders spend their adolescent years learning what it means to carve out a life in the image of Christ. New Life is centered on the belief that formative years are an extroardinarily important time for spiritual development. They do fellowship & service activities, take overnight trips, lead worship, and work to envision what it means to live adult lives in Christ.


"Bread of Life" is a ministry in the truest sense of the term. These folks organize and manage weekly and monthly food donation efforts for multiple children's homes in our area, and work to provide essential foods to those in need.  Additionally, Bread of Life hosts a quarterly Grocery Giveaway at our church building, and assembles food baskets during holidays for people to enjoy a hearty holiday meal. This ministry truly is the "hands and feet" of Jesus.

Yes, we eat at our church building every Sunday night! Dinner and Devo is our normal Sunday night. We meet for a short time of devotional and a potluck meal. This is such an important time for us. It's where we get to know one another, catch up with one another, and learn to be instruments of Christ in one another's lives. Join us for food and fellowship on ANY Sunday night, and you will see what keeps us coming back week after week.

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